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U.S. GMRS Repeaters

WQBQ405 Repeater

U.S. Ham Repeaters

US Ham Repeaters


Radio Features:

A High Performance Radio In A Class Of Its Own
Dimensions: 130 x 57 x 29.5mm 
Weight: 404g 
Compact High Power (5w) 
Rugged Design: MIL 810E 
Voice Selective Call & SmarTrunk II Capable 
Wideband  UHF operation


Front Panel Programmable Features with Keypad Lock
Memory Scan with Nuisance Channel Delete
High/ Low Power Control (UHF 5/1W Power Output)
Access/Deaccess Code, 9 Phone Memories (12 Digits),Redial
Multi-Functional LCD Display with Backlight (7 Digits Read Out)
Radio to Radio Cloning
Dual Model Battery Saver
Low Battery Indicator
Receive Signal Strength Indicator (R.S.S.I.)
Side Monitor Button
Programmable Time Out Timer
Adjustable squelch Level


Programmable Features:

Selectable Frequencies (5/10/12, 5/20/25 kHz steps) 
Programmable repeater offset 
Programmable PL/DPL/CSQ 
DTMF Signalling 
PTT-ID and Selective Call ID's 
Factory Reset to default resettings 
CTCSS codes 

Package includes

Belt Clip & Manual 
Motorola GP68 UHF 2-Way Radio
New AC Charger 220V
New Battery 7.5V 1200MAh

Button Layout Right Click to Save

TX/RX CTCSS Frequencies


Setting The Programing Mode

GP68 Inside View


Battery & Charging Accessories:

HTN8232_ 110V - Standard Charging Adapter (Wall)
HTN9002_ 220V - Standard Euro Charging Adapter
PMLN4097_ Alkaline Battery Case
PMNN4002_ Ni-Cd Rechargeable High Capacity Battery
PMNN4003_ Ni-Cd Rechargeable Low Capacity Battery
PMTN4020_ 110V - Rapid Desktop Battery Charger / Insert
PMTN4021_ 110V - Standard Desktop Battery Charger / Insert
PMTN4022_ 220V - Rapid Desktop Battery Charger / Insert
PMTN4023_ 220V - Standard Desktop Battery Charger / Insert


PMAD4012_ VHF 9cm Antenna, 136-155 MHz
PMAD4013_ VHF 9cm Antenna, 155-174 MHz
PMAD4014_ VHF 14cm Antenna, 136-155 MHz
PMAD4015_ VHF 14cm Antenna, 155-174 MHz
PMAE4003_ UHF 9cm Antenna, 430-470 MHz
HLN8262_ External Antenna Adapter (BNC)


Audio & Signalling Accessories for all models:
HMN9787_ Light Weight Headset / Swivel Boom Mic (w/out VOX)
BDN6647_ Medium Weight Headset / Swivel Boom Mic (w/out VOX)
BDN6706_ Ear Microphone with VOX interface (VOX included)
HMN9725_ Remote Speaker Microphone
HMN9036_ Earbud with Clip Microphone and PTT
HLN9132_ Earbud

Carrying Cases & Accessories:

PMLN4124_ Replacement Spring Action Belt Clip (Black)
HLN8255_ 3 Spring Action Belt Clip (Black)
HLN8240_ 2.5 Belt Clip (Black)
HLN9985_ Waterproof Bag
Radio to Radio Cloning Accessory:
PMLN4068_ Radio to Radio cloning cable
PMLN4074_ Programming cable




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